The nature of things, as best as i can find.


I’m still getting peopled puzzled by my obsession with Superman. Well, since my previous post of ‘Why the needs a Superman’* merely scratched the surface of moral betterment and aspiration, I’m going to go into where it has led me since being at university and being amongst inquisitive minds and try and explain the depths of it all a little better.

Now some people will find the following text a much too scary a train of thought and may feel that it threatens the belief system they take comfort from too much to continue reading, in which case, that’s fine. Some won’t have the same ability to hear out a differing opinion without feeling that it is going to in some way threaten the way they think. There is no offense taken, as i don’t claim it as fact or a final truth. This is offered merely as one mans interpretation of his experience and does not offer answers but merely leads you to, possibly, more questions. But know that whoever you are, I  love and respect your beliefs and maybe you could offer something to my understanding if you feel i have missed any key elements in my thinking.

Superman is as good a messiah story as any other created by men. It gives us a moral code of conduct and an ideal way of being and something to aspire to. The God phenomena can now, for the first time in history, be proven by science in the form of the ‘Higgs Boson’. He’s not a white guy with a beard like he’s been depicted in so many art pieces. Those are created for a simple mind that need something to look the same as them in order to accept it. We use imagery of crosses and rivers of fire to strike fear into the hearts of the weak, and any governing body that rules by fear or a 2000+ year old guilt trip, is just not one for me. It’s for those, who without being good or bad, don’t ask the questions because they are scared that the answer will beyond their comprehension. It’s only bad when the people in these governing body’s abuse the power they have over these fearful people and use faith as an excuse to commit vile crimes in the name of their idol. In Islam, I’m sure there is a reason you can’t depict Mohammed. We humans can’t comprehend visually what a god would look like because it exists on more levels than our 5 senses can interpret or explain and any attempt would not do it justice. All earthly religions understand the basis and feel of god and it’s only the truly naive that feel they are right about it or claim to have any sort of complete understanding. They then use their conclusions to right rule books and govern mankind. I understand how easily influenced the weak minded masses are, how fear of the unknown will take us many places in order to find comfort. It’s on those who do have influence to demonstrate a comfortable and tolerant way of life whilst we, as the human race, move forward and seek answer to the only question that really matters to the human, not individual, experience, which is a journey not an outcome, the whole point of it.. Why? The answer may not become clear until it is done, but sometimes you just have to respect what people on their journey believe, so long as it doesn’t cause anyone any harm, as they have got some half answers to the things that have been important to their subjective experience. Maybe, being a mind with it’s own perfectly valid experience, you could offer the other half to their answer. But never be offended if it doesn’t fit with that persons experience. and maybe consider the way you deliver it. But never claim to be right as you won’t know for sure until you’re dead.

After presenting this side of an argument to a follower of a christian faith the answer i got was “except for superman didn’t right comic books, but the bible was written by god!”

So as with everything to the inquisitive mind, it led me to more questions of this person who would have sufficient knowledge to make such a definite statement.

So when god wrote this book, in it’s complete and current, leather bound and gold leaf edged, modern English, form, he did this as a human? And in this unchangeable finite form he would pass as a lookalike for anyone one of us, no matter what race we are? Or are we talking about a floating pen? I deliver this proposition with a purposefully naive tone. You can’t claim one thing as fact and ignore other thinking as it suits if other information is available for your consideration.

So i respectfully quizzed further, this guy who KNEW what was fact. So the good book wasn’t at all written by humans? At any stage? The message couldn’t have at all been contaminated in any way? The books that made it in to this anthology were not decided upon by a group of people at the council of Nicea?

The inspiration for Superman as a character was from the same place as the Christian or any other God. The thoughts of man. Jesus himself, in Mark, said he was the son of man when asked by Pilot. He also said not to build temple in his name… The Vatican City, though beautiful and holding many clues as to the true nature of a God for those wise enough to look, with messages and teachings that transcend the fickle nature of fashion following humans, who by nature will change rules if the congregation feel strongly enough about it, is nothing more than a city sized church.

The Catholic church: ‘Roman’ Catholic… the Protestant Church: Church of ‘England’… they have a human politics in the name. Spirituality and the human soul is older than all of these teachings, which are only corrupted by man. The true word of God you hear inside… not in a man written book. The word of God will have changed with each translation of the text, and the relevant replacement words will have been decided at whatever time the new translation will have been written. So it is not the same book as it was.when it was first written, some 200+ years after the death of the Christian messiah. Ask Jesus, if he’s your Christ figure in the manner in which ‘his’ church actually teaches if you don’t want to be a sinner. Not amongst a congregation of people but instead inside yourself. But If old story books are your thing, go to the book believed to be the closest to that of the word of him, the only one thought to have been written at the time he was alive, the one not deemed relevant enough to be included in the ‘Good book’. The one the humans at the council decided wasn’t divine enough. Go to the Vatican and ask to see the book of Thomas, learn Aramaic and get involved. Read the opening lines and then you’ll stop reading. Or if you fancy some older readings, the ones that came before Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism or Judaism, try the emerald tablets of Thoth and Hermes. Either way, the ‘new thinking’ of the religions that followed, would they not have been rejected as blasphemy when they first came along? Science, the biggest threat to these thinking’s, is that not, eventually, at some point going to be rejected too? Mathematics leaves science to dead ends all the time. But at least science is on the right path by encouraging new lines of questioning without fear of reprimand for simply asking. That said, the chemists running tests on our reaction to hallucinogens, something that as a prospect personally scares even I, who I consider to be an open minded thinker, do run into some staunch questioning as to the benefits of them to the human experience. We have to try drop fear of the unknown and combine all of our learning. A carpenter can build a house, so can a stone mason, but combine the two by working together and you’ll get a much more satisfactory home.

It is your right to question, learn and grow, else why is there a human experience to be had? If someone asks you to believe without questioning, if i were you, that would be the first alarm. If not, I could claim that I AM THE NEW MESSIAH, god told my grandad i would be, but he’s dead now, so you’ll just have to believe me. No questions please. Oh and by the way, i have a book of stories that prove it.

You could argue that the books we’re channeled through humans in divine conversations, and i could say the same about Jerry and Joe when they first created Superman. But they weren’t going to claim that as they were not looking for power or a following, just the ability to give the people of the depression in America a new character, and maybe make a buck along the way. That was honesty on their part. They could have easily claimed it as fact of some long past history and by now there would be people desperate enough for hope that they would cling to it as a religion. Tolkien could have done the same, and right now we’d all be living in the church of Aragorn.

The way i see it, inspiration for creation is near godly… but that is all. but using it to govern others is the work of the the Devils of religion.

I’m not arrogant enough to claim i have any answers, but I’m wise enough to understand that I know nothing which is why i ask questions of tolerant people and look for the logic in what they say and in the answers offered to me by the world around me.

I’m not an Atheist. I understand that there is something more than the limits of the human experience and what our senses present and our brain interprets. We cant see the infer red but we use it to change the channel on our T.V. sets. But religion, that’s man made. Religion and believing in a grand architect are two very different things. But it is not a person any more than it is a dog or an atom….or a fragment of space dust or a magnetic force.. it’s all these things.

My understanding, for what it’s worth, I have explained in the best analogy i could think of. When you get into a car to drive it, you are driving, you are not the car. When you get out of the car and leave it to rust, do you rust along with it? You weren’t driving before you got in and when you turned the key, the experience started, but you existed before you got in, but the experience of driving didn’t. You can do all sorts of things whilst doing it, you are not just limited to driving, but the experience of the car is. The car can not see the driver, it can’t fly, that’s the job of planes. It can only do what it’s limitations of form allow. Will it ever fly? No, not unless there are created sufficient car mods. But will there be a car that fly’s one day? depends if the experiences and desire of the driver allow them to create such a thing… either way, you’ll exist after you get out of the car and you are what is required in order for a plane to fly as well. You never were the car, but you had the experience of moving on 4 wheels. Just because it had to end, was it not worth having? Will you drive again? Yes, if you need to. Why? Because you can. Will you feel bad for the car that rusted away? No, You may remember it if the experience was awesome and look back on it fondly, but, like the T-Rex, if it’s gone it’s gone. Will you not have other experiences that are nothing to do with driving? Absolutely, you’ll live all sorts from breathing, eating, falling in love, being a mechanic, being an artist etc whatever you like. All helping you learn and grow. Any of the experiences may help you drive better, if it’s something you desire to do again, but driving is no more ‘important’ than flying so it’s completely optional. The driving of that car was something that added to the experience, but it certainly didn’t define it. So don’t get to hung up on it ending. But if the question of ‘what comes after the drive is over?’ is something that inspires you to see that there is more to be had, then enjoy finding the answers. But one car can’t have any power over another by claiming that it knows what will definitely happen once it’s been put in the crusher, as it doesn’t know, it can only guess. It doesn’t and cant comprehend or communicate with the human experience in order to understand. It can be more intuitive and computerized as we engineer them. But they’ll never be the driver, so they have no authority over any other car.

Could we not all have a consciousness with no central or smallest point, but still splits into separate parts with limitations of senses put on them in order to actually have an individual 4 dimensional experience for some hyper-entity?

File:Mandelbrot sequence new.gif

-The Mandelbrot Set-The Mandelbrot set is a mathematical set of points whose boundary is a distinctive and easily recognizable two-dimensional fractal shape. A good visual representation of infinity.

Like a being that drives us as a car. Can we truly claim that we are in tune completely with this being? Is this hyper-entity not the equivalent to a multi core processor (like a quad core processor that can handle 4 pieces of information at the same time) but instead, deals with billions of experiences and understand them all perfectly, simultaneously, albeit that of a dog across to that of a flower-brick-human or whatever random form it’s subatomic parts are made into? Who knows? Not me. but I wont be told to stop searching for answers to the questions that are important to me. That of one day maybe understanding better the nature of the driver, but also how to make the best of the present experience with our current limitations. I don’t want the driver to stop this drive any time soon through boredom of feeling it’s had everything out of this trip that it’s going to get. I know i may have a few blow outs at some points along the way that i deem horrendously painful, but how do i know that the driver isn’t enjoying feeling like an action hero whilst it struggles to keep me on the road. Who knows. One day I may meet someone who has been obsessed enough with flight to ask the questions of engineering that has led them on the path to give this car wings.

The Superman obsession may have started as a need to find a moral anchor and something to aspire to, which in itself, would seem to be a purely human desire, but the path that was followed after this is what has been the most important to me and why i still hold it dear.

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7 thoughts on “The nature of things, as best as i can find.

  1. beton says:

    There is clearly a bunch to know about this. I suppose you made certain good points in features also.

  2. tayamik says:

    You have a very clever way with words and an incredible view. I love how you’re confident to express your view to everybody too. Inspirational win and a half =] x

    • Thank you very much.. How are you meant to affirm anything unless you discuss it and get differing opinions for your consideration. That is all it is, an opinion. It’s not so much about confidence, it’s more to do with no fear. Fear is something you’re not born with but instead gets bashed into the young by those with only that tool as a way of governing people. It’s that which we have to drop if we’re going to learn again. We learn best before we learn fear. We learnt to speak when we thought it would be useful to us and we WANTED too, not when we feared not being able, same goes for walking, hand and eye coordination, how to laugh to express joy, all the things we learn before school! We then learn repercussions for being ‘bad’. Morals are a human choice to learn, not instinct. Taking advantage of people to think a certain way by presenting fables and allegory as absolute literal ‘truth’, and then keeping them under your influence with fear when they have learned all that that system can offer, is part of brainwashing and indoctrination not discovery. Discovery is a journey of the soul, one of love, with no final destination. Love is equal to good minus o. And that is what we all are. beings of love who learn hate along the way from fear.

  3. Sonick says:

    you make some good points
    even though the order of your arguments seems fairly erratic and your train of thought is, at times, a bit hard to follow
    on the whole, our world views seem fairly compatible :P i agree with a lot of what you have to say
    even though i will always find the very idea of there being so much in this universe that the average human mind will never comprehend extremely frightening

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